Cera Y. C. Company Limited

since 1985


Cera Y.C. Co. Ltd. is a Hong Kong registered and based company established in 1985, dedicated to importing, distributing, promoting and selling high quality pharmaceuticals, health supplements and medical disposables in the Hong Kong and Macau markets.

We have the expertise and experience to offer a full range of services, including market research, product registration, importation, marketing, sales and distribution. We distribute to over 1000 customers in different sectors in the territory.

In addition to distributing and wholesaling, our company also owns a pharmacy in a busy district in downtown Hong Kong. We have a factory manufacturing traditional Chinese medicines and have packaging facilities (bottling, labeling) available.

As an ambitious and aggressive company, we offer total commitment to your product with a one-stop service and innovative marketing ideas and techniques to ensure success in the Hong Kong and Macau markets.